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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


holy sheesh lookit em' go!

Monday, March 28, 2011


howdy folks! heres some new things, iron man and bats were done at megacon sitting at the booth and the justice league image was something i was fooling around with on my free time.

a doodle i turned into a mockup cover;

and a goofy 2 page story

hope all is swell!

Monday, February 21, 2011

s'more ladies

goofin around, had fun with these

comic update coming I PROMISE INTERNETS, I PROMISE

Friday, February 4, 2011

Esteban comic update, gearing up for Megacon! Thesis! gahh

Howdy folks, I've recently been apart of a publication held by my school (Ringling College of Art) called "Meanwhile", where the chosen few attending Megacon on the schools behalf were asked to make 2 comic pages. These pages are laid out one after another with the tag line 'Meanwhile...' setting up each persons story. Pretty fun! I'm throwing together the whole shabang (total of 28 pages) on InDesign to be sent off to print, the schools graced us with 3,000 (three thousand!!) copies as a first run! Should be exciting, we're going to be handing them out at our Megacon booth later in March.

Here's my contribution, I decided to give Esteban, my story I've been adapting here and there, a little moment in time for everyone to see

I'll be expanding on my Esteban 'franchise' for a part of my thesis in a short 6 page adventure, so I'm super stoked!

I was doing some warmup drawings the other night and became particularly fond of how one turned out also and tuned it up some! charcoal ink and digital

On the topic of thesis, here's a sneak at another comic story I've been adapting in the shadows, which will later be combined with the other stories I'm creating to be bound into one anthology book.

I'm really excited about this one too! It's been in the back of my head wherever I go and I'm thrilled to have the time to breathe life into it! I'll eventually unveil the characters and story synopsis soon

I'll try to make a bigger stride in keeping this updated during the last months of my time in school, but these are the last months of my time in school. heh

tell me what you think!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

woah hey, more big news, semesters over! collaborations and stuff!

woah jeez another crazy month, but I've got a ton to show!

first some great news I was told recently!

I'll be in the next issue of CMYK on sale January!! Chris Buzelli was the judge and chose my Donuts piece created earlier this year, huge thanks goes out to him for judging this year and really honored to have such a talented artist look at my work!

Also, I've been working collaboratively with a number of artists, earlier in the month I was involved with a comic pitch with my great friend Eric Bonhomme who handled all of the inking while I did the coloring, they seemed to love it tremendously, so hopefully I'll be on board with that project in the coming months!

next up!

MOTE marine laboratories here in Sarasota also commissioned a couple of students at Ringling to come up with some sort of project to make people more aware of Red Tide, fortunately I had the chance to work with Vanesa Del Rey before she blows up into a mega comic book star! She handled the inking while i did the coloring. It was a great turnout! the local news showed up at the unveiling and we had our own little booth setup, we had color copies of the comic printed and black and whites to hand out, as well as stickers I designed and huge posters!

we made a cover together also, once again I did the coloring/designing while she inked

here are the first four pages, inks by vanesa, colors by me

i designed some stickers also, people seemed to love them at the show!

it seems like i'm slowly turning into a colorist haha, im fine with it actually. it's such an honor being able to work so closely with my friends and create something thats beyond what we're each capable of doing, whether for the sake of time or talent - regardless, a huge honor to be working with these people before their careers explode!

my great friend and instructor George Pratt also asked me to come up with some designs for his show! He'll be flying to Europe soon for a signing and attending one of the openings. I'm really honored he chose this to drag along with him, its the first time something I've created has left the country and I'm fortunate its apart of something so mighty like a gallery show George Pratt is having. Here's the result! Good luck George!

Finally between all of that going on I was able to pump out a couple pieces of my own, two comic stories, one thats still progressing, and the other that I recently finished.

This first one is called Taquiner, which is french for 'tease' I believe (i hope?), it's to be a 3 page story, involving sex, lies, and assassinations!

My instructor Joe Thiel gave us a final assignment for his class, he chose 3 stories for people to create some kind of imagery to go along with. He handed me "The Loser's Club" from Michael Chabons book Manhood for Amateurs and told me he chose this story with me in mind, so instantly I knew I had to make something special.

this was a sketch I did of the main character at different stages of his life

and the final

I'm pretty happy with it, a couple panels I might edit later to stick in my portfolio, but overall I had a blast making it!

That's all I got for now OH WAIT HOLY SHIATZU


let me know what you think! have a great holiday everybody!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Updates! Great month! MONSTER ATTACK!

What a long, great difficult month its been! phew.

First off got to give a huge thanks to Josh Cochran for coming down and giving a really dope workshop, presentation and judging the illest of ill show!

The show was great! Huge turnout and everyone had a great time!

Also hugely honored and extremely fortunate to say he chose my Oil Spill illustration I made earlier as the 'Best in Show'! It's not everyday you get to meet people who push you creatively and have them give merit to your work! Really really honored, thanks man!!!!

Here's some things ive been doing between other things, a little bit of everything, just experimenting and learning as much as i can before crunch time next semester!

I finished this the other day and was pretty happy with it! I love me some monsters ! mixed media and digital

Anyway more updates to come !


Thursday, October 7, 2010

newer things!

i've been experimenting some more painting digitally just to broaden my horizons (hopefully) and just went for it, had a lot of fun making these guys and i can feel myself learning more and more after each experiment!

I was also tasked to come up with something for La Musica again this year, and i wanted to keep it as simple as possible by forming some 'Sarasota-y' buildings in the form of an instrument, so this was my end result of that decision.

more to come! let me know what you think!


Monday, September 27, 2010

thor and weirdo warmups

have a good one!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Illustration for a book of poetry

My instructor tasked us on creating an illustration for a book of poetry written by one of his close friends, which may or may not be used in his book being published soon, depending on the publisher. However, that's neither here nor there, this was just an assignment! We were to choose a poem and do an illustration to accompany it,

I wanted to do something simple and subtle, and i'm pretty happy with how it came out !

Its a purely black and white image if it's chosen to accompany the book, but I also wanted to add a slight subtle tone over some parts, so here's a variation

more to come,


i forgot to mention that my tshirt design for illest of ill (posted below) was chosen as this years design for the mens tshirts! my good friend and fellow mark maker Vanesa Del Rey had her design for the women's tshirt chosen as well! they'll be on sale in a couple of weeks!! save your pennies!

hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spidey and Luchadores

I've been taking the time to find a more enjoyable way of working digitally for myself, these are the results of some fooling around! more to come